Diane has many years of experience as an international fashion trend copywriter with over fifteen years as a luxury fashion analyst, senior retail buyer and product designer for high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor. She assists luxury clients from around the world to introduce their products to the American and European markets. Clients from the Middle East, China, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Africa, the Netherlands, the U.S. and Canada have relied on Diane to fashion their web content so as to emotionally connect to their new customer base. Her philosophy is to build bridges and tear down walls.

Launching her career as an apparel buyer for Lord & Taylor; working in the corporate headquarters in New York, Diane has been immersed in the world of retail since Norma Kamali put shoulder pads into sweatshirts and invented an industry.

As a freelance journalist specializing in international trend analysis and luxury lifestyle content, Diane's unique and lively writing has appeared in print and digital publications, worldwide. Private Air, Beautiful World International and Couture Flowers Magazine are three of the hundreds of luxury media outlets that have featured her work.

If you require a seasoned retail consultant, SEO, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest ad copy, premium fashion, jewelry or luxury content across all platforms, entertaining fashion blogs, compelling product descriptions, engaging and captivating fashion, interior design or luxury lifestyle articles and want to connect with your customers on an emotional level, send us a message.

Diane's confident, professional writing will add excitement and an up-trending, stylish focus to your unique story and your distinctive brand.


Luxury and Fashion Content Writer

Diane Weisbeck 

For further information, please contact Diane at or call 518-636-6505